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Develop your Web Strategy
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Learn 5 steps essential for an effective web presence and how they determine a winning strategy. Our goal-oriented approach uses marketing, business development, & management techniques to help you create a web site tailored for your business. Contact Myra Nicholas at mnicholas@anson-bowles.com to get a schedule or ask about our self-paced tutorials.


Keywords help people find you and define your website.

What do I need?

Keyword selection is critical to your online success. To show up in a search, your web site must include the right words and phrases.

Why do I need it?

The right keyword phrases are popular, relevant to your offering and face appropriate competition. What is appropriate competition? If you target a keyword phrase that 200 million other Web sites also target, showing up near the top in a search engine is not easy.

Where do I get it?

Make a list of every word, phrase, synonym and word cluster that could be used to describe your product/service.

Can I...

Do it myself?

You can start by performing a search using your list of words and phrases. See what kind of websites show up in a search and what they are offering. Are they competitors? Or is the word or phrase giving you websites that offer something wildly different. People use a wide variety of search terms, and you want to find the words someone would use to find you. (take a look at the Keyword Research page)

Learn How?

Yes. Part of our planning tutorial walks you through Google's external keyword tool to help you identify popular words and phrases. This tool lets you test any number of words and phrases to see what gives you the best result.

We also have an "Intro to Business Website" workshop, a 2-day workshop that takes business owners through the process of developing a website strategy, including visitor profiling, identifying keywords, competitive analysis and defining the major components that you'll need.

Hire a professional?

There are many companies that specialize in seo (search engine optimization) and helping you find the best keywords and phrases for your website. Keyword research is the heart and soul of successful Internet marketing.

Do without it?

Not really!

What are your requirements?.

Choosing the Right Keyword Focus is Critical To Online Success

Winning SEO and SEM campaigns start by identifying the most popular and relevant keywords with the least competition. By pinpointing your ideal keyword targets, you increase your chances of obtaining a productive top rank, gaining conversions and maximizing ROI.

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