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Learn 5 steps essential for an effective web presence and how they determine a winning strategy. Our goal-oriented approach uses marketing, business development, & management techniques to help you create a web site tailored for your business. Contact Myra Nicholas at mnicholas@anson-bowles.com to get a schedule or ask about our self-paced tutorials.


Updating your website

What do I need?

There are three ways you can update your website:
You can hire someone to maintain the website and send them your updates
You can use a content management system and enter your updates through web interface
You can learn some code and take the time to edit it.

Why do I need it?

The best way to keep existing visitors coming back is to update your site, it also helps you rank higher in search engines.

Where do I get it?

That depends on the type of website you will be using, and how often you want to update it.

There are two basic types of websites. One is called a static website, and it only gets updated when someone goes into the actual code and edits it. The other type is called a database-driven website (often a content management system) and lets you update it through a simple web interface.

Can I...

Do it myself?

If you choose a static website, learning how to edit the code is fairly easy. You don't need to buy any special programs and Anson-Bowles offers tutoring and workshops that show you how. If it is a dynamic (or database-driven) website, it is designed so that you can update it however, the cost of creating a site database-driven website is significantly higher.

Learn How?

Yes. We offer a tutorial with easy directions to help you utilize the requirements that are available with static websites.

We offer "adding features to your website" workshops that cover updating, shopping carts, forms and more for static websites. We are not offering any classes for database-driven sites, they are simple enough you don't need instruction.

Hire a professional?

Whichever type you choose, Anson-Bowles can update and maintain the site for you.

Do without it?

Not really!

Do you plan to sell online?.

Reasons to update your website content
Your search ranking drops the longer your site stays the same

New content will keep your visitors coming back

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