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Learn 5 steps essential for an effective web presence and how they determine a winning strategy. Our goal-oriented approach uses marketing, business development, & management techniques to help you create a web site tailored for your business. Contact Myra Nicholas at mnicholas@anson-bowles.com to get a schedule or ask about our self-paced tutorials.


CV for Myra Anson Nicholas


905 Lincoln Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22046
office: (703) 241-5583   •   cell: (703) 402-9065
Email: mnicholas@anson-bowles.com


Results-driven. Intensively creative and brings enthusiasm to beginner and advanced students alike. More than a decade of web design and development, from hand coding to scripts. Dedicated teacher, participating in computer graphics and internet development since 1984.

Big picture skills: Interested in developing business/tech hybrid degree program for the new business modes. Have started developing Bachelor's Degree curriculum that combines marketing, writing, business, communications and web design.

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Anson-Bowles & Assoc, Falls Church, VA     1979 - 1993, 1998-Present

Altman Dedicated Direct (and their clients)
Marketwise, Inc. (and their clients)
Strategic Futures (and their clients)
ACAT/National Association of Accountants
GeoScience World
GlobalPhone Corporation (agents, worldwide)
Altered Arts Magazine
Artisans United
and many others...

Principal, Launched in 1979, this unique marketing and graphics venture developed an early affinity marketing science and technology companies, business-to-business services and technology nonprofit benefits.

Currently teaching a web design curriculum at Stratford University and LortonArts Classes range from basic introduction to the web to understanding content management systems.

Class Topics Include:
  • Introduction to the web
  • Introduction to databases
  • Understanding static and dynamic websites
  • Building a static website
  • Graphic Design for print and web
  • Writing for search engines
  • Landing Pages/Email marketing
  • Learning Content Management Systems
  • Image manipulation/photo editing
  • Affiliate programs and linking strategies

In the nonprofit and education area; served as webmaster and developed educational programs for targeted seminars with The Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA)

  • Project manager
  • Creative Director
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Mixed media delivery
  • Training
  • Concept development
  • Direct Response Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Production Designer
  • Image manipulation/photo editing

Anson-Bowles & Associates - Consultant for companies needing specific skills:
EEI Communications creative director/project manager for their web/new media division.
Technology Business as Marketing Director for Federal Labs needing web exposure
Tech Capital as Marketing Consultant to bring print version to the web.

Washington Technology/Tech News -1996 to 1997 - Marketing Director (retained for consulting)
As Marketing Director was responsible for the concept development, copy writing, design and production of marketing collateral for Washington Technology, a biweekly technology industry publication.

ASA(a division of A&T) -1995 to 1996 - Art Director & Group Manager
Managed graphics department and staff of 4, while coordinating with programmers, and instructional designers to produce computer-bsaed training programs.

Positions prior to 1995: Anson-Bowles & Associates from 1979. Art Director, Boat Owners Association; Production Artist, Bureau of National Affairs. Many other, less relevant projects


Excellent instructor, bringing enthusiasm and understanding to all levels of student experience. Ability to explain the history as well as the current use of many applications and explain how they integrate into today's applications.

Web site development applications (like Dreamweaver) hand-coding HTML page construction, javascript, CSS (and browser compatibility issues), content management systems (Joomla), some database-driven web applications (Cold Fusion, ASP, PhP). Editing Flash, database scripts. Experience creating simple shopping carts, editing cart elements and other e-commerce database apps. Quark X-Press (Mac and Windows), Adobe Photoshop (Mac and Windows), as well as the rest of their Creative Suite (including Adobe Lifecycle Designer) , Corel Draw! Presentation and chart/graph production (Smart Draw, Corel Flow). Most Word Perfect and word basics. Microsoft Office products (excel, powerpoint) . Groupware (group hub) development, hosted database and form processing resources. More, just ask... Cross-platform compatible. Creating design documents and selecting applications for complex sites with multiple interactive requirements. Experience with Internet/Web navigation & accessibility requirements, database and legacy issues.


Virginia Commonwealth University, BFA, Communication, Arts & Design, 1976
Newsletter Association seminars on marketing, 1993-94; DMAW seminars, 1993, 95; Seminars on Corel Draw! 4&5, 1994-95; Advanced Quark, and Photoshop seminars, 1994-95; Professional seminars on multimedia, marketing, pre-press troubleshooting, direct mail, scanning and trapping, and "future of the industry" speculations, 1993-94; Exhibit and Trade Show Marketing seminar, 1995-96. Various web development seminars 1996-98, Guerilla Marketing seminar 1998-99. Many webinars, online tutorials, seminars relating to new technologies, marketing and writing are considered a regular part of the monthly schedule.

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