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Using Style Sheets

What are Style Sheets?

CSS (cascading style sheets) control the style of a web document without compromising its structure. By separating visual design elements (fonts, colors, margins, and so on) from the structural logic of a web page, CSS gives designers the control they crave without sacrificing the integrity of the data, thus maintaining its usability in multiple environments.

In addition, defining typographic design and page layout from within a single, distinct block of code allows for faster downloads, streamlined site maintenance, and instantaneous global control of design attributes across multiple pages.

Browser support for the various CSS properties is still uneven, so often a site reviewed in Firefox will look slightly different in Internet Explorer. If you factor in the effect that different screen sizes, local setting and monitor displays have on your coded document, you'll soon find that placing something exactly where you want it to appear on everybody's screen become a negotiation, rather than a direct order.

Can I...

Do it myself?

Yes. You can find tutorials and reference materials that will get you started.

Learn How?

There are many websites that offer tutorials on style sheets. The best interactive tutorial on css (which is free) can be found at w3schools.com. Their site does a great job of explaining how css works and offers interactive examples that you can use.

We offer hands-on tutoring in either a classroom setting or at your location.

Hire a professional?

Some folks do prefer to have their website coded by a designer. However, since you are reading this section, you have thought about doing it yourself.

Do without it?

I think you know the answer to that!

Add functionality with scripting languages.

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