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All of our our customized educational services are on a per-hour basis. Our experts will assist you in developing a good foundation and assess your understanding. Offered in the following areas:

  • Refining your web strategy: (Prerequisite: A review of the web strategy tutorial)
  • Determining requirements: (Prerequisite: A review of the requirements tutorial). This area is fraught with problems, as there are so many plugins that do so many things, it can be hard choosing the ones you need
  • Site map and Layout: If your client or your needs are either too complex or category defying, it can often be a challenge
Websites, once a status symbol, are now a vital part of business development, and grow more complex every month. The typical business site, once created by small teams, has now evolved into a collaboration between management, marketing directors, IT departments and contractors hired for specialty services.

Given that the average website is a hybrid of old and new code, constantly in transition, and needing updates, building an entire new site is almost impossible. But we've managed to develop a “best practices” guideline that organizes and clarifies decisions and processes for building websites in this complex environment.