Web Strategy

Discover the essential ingredients required when developing a strategic plan. Balancing theory, research and practice, you will approach site development from first concept through final site strategy.

Creating an effective web strategy is your key to a successful website. Would you build a deck or patio without some planning? Of course not. Just as important, too many websites are created without any direction or role and they just don’t go anywhere. So we took our planning and strategy process and developed this “web strategy” tutorial to help you make smart marketing decisions.

Think you don’t need it? Let’s start with a basic question: What actions do you want your visitors to take when they get to your website? Aha! Not so easy! You need to create a strategy to “lead” visitors through your site to accomplish a goal. Many websites that look quite nice at first glance confuse their visitors with too many options… they don’t know what to click on first. Make sure you plan a path for them to take, anticipate questions with answers and “sell” each click.

This tutorial details our unique step-by-step process which has been used to teach web development classes for over 6 years. Planning worksheets for each step are included. About 30 pages. $25

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