Hands-On Web Series

Find Out How The Experts Do It

Learn While Building Your Own Website…
We call it “Guided Web Development”


A unique interactive experience, our Hands-On Web Series gives you individual attention, explains the importance of each step and keeps you part of the process. Throughout layout and build, guided by your instructor, you’ll be in charge as your website takes shape. Before we finish, a recap of the basics, how to add, edit, modify and expand your website, gives you the confidence to proceed on your own. As a distance learning course we’ll communicate by phone or webcam. Course will be divided into 3-4 hour segments, flexible schedule.

This series is offered in separate sections, so choose where you want to begin. Your fee will be based on the scope of the site and your level of experience. A Development Proposal Checklist will provide the scope and our Planning Content Map helps us determine your level of experience. One year of hosting is included.

Hands-On Bundles:

  • Strategy/Design/Development: This covers the entire web design and development experience. See course description
  • Design/Developer: You’ve done the strategy. Now we’ll focus on requirements, design and building. See course description
  • Design/Build: Yes, you’ve learned most of the tasks necessary, but could use a guide to help navigate the murky waters of a CMS layout & build. See course description
  • Configure/Build: You just need an experienced hand to lead you through configuration and the finer points of customizing your CMS. See course description

Your guide, Myra Nicholas, has been developing websites since 1995, long before tutorials, manuals or classes were available. Developing a system to work with clients new to the web was essential. Made up of tasks and planning documents, worksheets and checklists, this system continually evolved as the web changed. Many of these documents were developed specifically for the process of website development.