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You’ve got an idea, you’re ready to start coding, but hold on, there’s a lot of thinking to do before you start getting domain names and drawing up page layouts.

An effective website needs planning, research and design before the coding starts. Would you build a house without drawing up plans and deciding what materials to use? The consequences might not be as dramatic, but it will make the difference between success and failure.

Successful sites use strategy! With our process you create a strategy, use keywords, competitive & audience analysis. Look at things from “the customer’s view”. You’ll determine requirements, and locate content for your site. Without an objective, your website won’t tell your visitors what to do or go anywhere. The internet is full of websites with just that problem!

For Beginners

  • Web Fundamentals for Beginners
  • Creating a Banner Step by Step

Overviews and Concepts

  • A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Web Development Tutorial
  • Database Setup and Configuration
  • Content Management System Elements

Important Elements

  • Creating Your Website Strategy
  • Understanding Requirements (Functionality)
  • Administrative Details
  • Using Content Wisely
  • Using Color to Influence Behavior

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Comprehensive but not too technical. Covers aspects often undocumented, and costly to add later.

From webservers to developing site strategies, important fundamental server apps, to locating key directories for backups and child themes, learn how your basic CMS elements, templates, PhP files, themes, css, various scripting languages and all those plugins interact with your server’s database... from both sides... especially the inside out.