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custom your own bracelets, Marketing companies are always looking for a fresh and innovative way to make their products and services noticed, and desired. Two major factors to take into account: Where is the advertisement, and how often will people see it? and How much does it cost?.
These two variables often battle each other for priority, and are rarely maximized simultaneously.

luna park sydneyWristbands are the solution. Wristbands are already in existence for most large (and some small) events like sporting arenas, concert venues and fundraising events, so implementing wristbands as an advertising tool is virtually effortless.
How often do you look at your watch? How often do you take a drink? How often do you write something down, or look at your phone? How often do you use your hands, for any function throughout the day? The point is, advertising on wristbands is the most promising place to be noticed by customers, and frequently.

It is a 24/7, in-your-face marketing tool. Advertising on an admission wristband, initially intended for tracking attendance or verifying a ticket purchase, is a guaranteed way to reach your customers, and increase their view rates. And wristband manufacturers who use full color customization, are the ideal company to design wristbands for security, advertising and sponsorship.

Wristbands that are customized to include discounted future visits, coupons to visit sponsors and bounce back incentives, are naturally going to increase traffic for future events and to sponsor locations, long after the initial event has commenced.
There are a variety of wristband styles, sizes and materials available that can vary the cost of each band dramatically. Most wristband companies will offer a wide range of wristband types to cater to every budget. Wristbands made of tear-resistant paper (Tyvek), minimum order quantity plastic and vinyl wristbands, incredibly popular silicone wristbands, and even photographic and lenticular (animation) wristbands are commonly available with some wristbands starting at just pennies per band.

And if the budget is still not flexible, subsidize wristband costs by advertising main sponsors and supporters on the wristband. Using wristbands as leading advertising space for them, and a virtually FREE security and admission wristband for the venue.
Whether event sites are currently using wristbands or not, it seems obvious to implement this tool for marketing, if not for increased security and revenue protection. And if using wristbands for one, why not save effort and money by utilizing the full capabilities of customized wristbands for all advertising objectives?

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