Tyvek Wristbands

There are lots of uses for Tyvek wristbands; if you are an event planner then they are perfect for special events where there is to be restricted access to people. A Tyvek wristband can be used in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theme parks, museums and any other promotional event. Tyvek wristbands are available in many colours and designs and also sizes. The wristbands are comfortable to wear and hard wearing, this is due to the material used to manufacture the bands. Tyvek was invented by DuPont and consists of the best qualities of paper, fibre and fabric.

The material is lightweight and resistant to tearing and stretching, this is because of the process the fine polythene fibres undergo during manufacture they are spun onto a web and bonded by pressure and heat. The user has a comfortable experience as the skin does not get moist underneath the band. As the Tyvek wristbands are tamper resistant users are unable to share or swop bands without damaging them rendering them useless for the purpose with which they were intended.

If you are an event organiser of you are organising a one off promotional event of some kind and you are looking for a supplier of Tyvek wristbands then a good place to start looking is in your local trade directories and local newspapers. Both of these publications usually have advertisements for companies to offer their products and services in the local area. Tyvek wristbands are fantastic for children if you are taking a group of children out to an event there are wristbands available in funky designs and colours. You can have anything printed onto the wristbands such as your logo if you are a business or contact details of a school, church or any other organisation that is involved with children’s outings.

The internet is also a great place to start looking for a supplier of Tyvek wristbands. If you go to an online search engine and type in the words ‘Tyvek wristbands’ it will return a list of relevant websites supplying Tyvek wristbands. If you are specifically looking for a local supplier then just add your locality to the end of the search and it will return suppliers just in your local area.

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