Types Of Window Coverings

They might be wood, metal or plastic which are brought together with the help of some sort of cords that pass through the slats of the covering. The blinds can be rotated and thus adjusted from a position that is supposed to be open towards a position that is closed. This can either be done manually or with the help of a remote control. The slats get overlapped and most of the light gets blocked. There are other types of coverings that use a soft material; they are called shades and the make use of a single piece of that soft material rather than using the slats.
Broader meanings of window blinds:
In a broad way, the window blinds can be used for describing different types of window coverings in general. They can include:

cellular shades




Standard blinds (vertical and horizontal), etc.
Curtains drape:
The purpose of both, curtains and blinds is to cover, mainly. In America, a curtain is sometimes also known as a drape. It is basically a piece of cloth that is used for blocking or obscuring light. In case when curtain is used as a shower curtain, it is also used for obscuring water. In theatres, there is a screen that can be moved. It is also called a curtain and is used for separating the stage from the audience auditorium.
There are some curtains which are known as Portieres or drapes They are supposed to be hung on a doorway. Oftentimes, curtains are used inside the buildings and hung on a window for blocking the passage of light. For example, it is useful particularly at night to stop light and sleep comfortably. There are different varieties curtains having different shapes, color and material, etc. In some shops, there are sections specified for curtains while other shops are entirely designed for selling just curtains.
There is a variation in curtains regarding UV light deterioration, cleaning, dust retention, oil retention, absorption of noise, life span, fire resistance, etc. The curtains can either be moved manually by hands, with cords or other control systems. While buying a curtain, its size should be known that is required.

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