NotJustPartz began carrying "Twisted Kitz" in 2001 with the intent of creating prepackaged kits for adults that would be of gift quality when finished. There was a need for this line of products. They contained all the pieces required, including unique or hard to find components and taught innovative construction techniques.

Kits vary in difficulty and target, wire wrapping small holiday ornaments, creating accessories from discarded CDs, simple kits for fundraising products, and cause-related creations. Basic intro jewelry making kits are popular for new crafters, and experienced crafters enjoy more complex and open ended kits using pearls, chain and clay that encourage experimentation.

The marionette kit challenge was to create something that would be affordable, fairly easy to assemble, package into a 4" bag, and work when it was finished.

This collection of kits is still developing and a labor of love.