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Web Design Tutorials: Graphic Design

Design Principles :

Elements of Design These are the ingredients to any design project, whether it's a way to set up your garden to a map that shows people who to go from here to the moon. There are eight design elements that are pulled together by eight design principles.

Principles of Design These are the tools that blend the ingredients for any design project. You can use all the design elements, but if you don't blend them with rhythm, balance, contrast, etc., then you don't have a cake.


Adobe Photoshop Tutorials from Adobe. Thhis is for CS5.

An introduction to Photoshop (CS2-but shows all the toolbar elements and basics of phhotoshop. Detailed PDF.

Adobe's Photoshop reference index. Most important:

Design Palettes: A design palette is a mix of basic ingredients- typefaces, photographs, illustrations, and color schemes-that, in one designer's opinion (mine), represents a distinctive mood or style.

Color Strategy for Web common sense strategies you can use to focus your reader's attention, improve site navigation, turn down a site's visual volume, and attract attention-in short, ways to use color that will help you improve results.

Graphics File Formats the difference between vectors and bitmaps, and the common formats and software used to edit them.

Javascript Tutorials

Understanding Color

Color Theory for Colors on the Web
Color Terms

The Importance of Contrast

Color combination is really the most important part of color theory and designing with colors, and also the hardest-- It always comes down to your personal judgement and how you look at colors.

The Color Wizard is a color matching application for anyone who wants to create designs with great looking colors.

Understanding Tables:
A introduction to nested tables
How tables can nest inside each other.. a simple demonstration
A nested table in use on a more complex page.


Choosing & Using Type In your lifetime you've seen billions of letters and millions of words, yet you might never have consciously noticed the typefaces you read.
Web Design is 95% Typography 95% of the information on the web is written language. It is only logical to say that a web designer should get good training in the main discipline of shaping written information, in other words: Typography.

Font and Graphics Libraries

At FreeImages you'll find a library of stock photography for use on websites, printed media, products and anywhere you need a photo to help with illustration and design.

Free Clipart and Free Photos , Free Fonts

Chank Fonts, Chank Co is an independent type foundry based in Minneapolis. Chank offers cool fonts for smart designers and free fonts for instant download.

We've got an app for that!

Quick Web Apps:
Notepad ++ a powerful code-based program for editing html files
IrfanView -a very fast, small, compact and innovative graphic viewer for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.
FileZilla to put your files up on the server

Top Reference Link:
HTML Tutorials

HTML Color Chart

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