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Resource analysis and strategy development.

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For CIS214 Students:

We currently have 2 different approaches and methodologies, each represented by its own syllabus. As of today, i have not received clarification concerning the syllabus matching the textbook. I am quite impressed with the textbook and need to modify the syllabus to match your syllabus.


CIS 214 System and Software Requirements
10 WKS Wednesday. We have to use moodle starting now or "else" You have to be able to write a functional requirements document by the end (which addresses all of the PM steps and processes) while understanding the PM processes (but not taking a specific PM only class). In other words, we are laying an additional "process" over the steps in the class. DO NOT WORRY I have created a compliance plan that uses what you already have done, and adds some details that will indicate the process i am/will be following. Click here for the rest.doc

Last Quarter Outline: CIS 110: Computer Office Application 10 WKS Tuesday 6pm and Wednesday 9 am

The best IT Overview-What You Gotta Know i have seen!!
Jonathan Tross (PDF )  •   Aaron Lattin (zipped ppt)  •   Stefan Porter (zipped ppt)
Great finals, folks! I had to zip the power point ones (8 mb and all)

Creating a Website Strategic Business Plan

Step 1: Introduces the entire "web development lifecycle process" start to finish

Step 2: Successful sites use strategy! With our process you create a strategy, use keywords, competitive & audience analysis. Look at things from "the customer's view". You'll determine requirements, and locate content for your site.

Learn While Building Your Own Wordpress Site In Comfort

Individual lessons by email or phone while at your computer, being guided through the development of your own website.

The Build-Step 3: This is where the real "one-on one" learning begins! We'll install and configure the core of the website platform, create users, discuss what themes to use, how we want to configure the page layout, what extra functionality you want to include.

Task list from Domain to Launch
CMS Content Map and site decisions
The Whole Shebang and site decisions

For Columbia College Students

Digital Image Editing 10 WKS
Click for Class Outline with links to images and tutorials

Current Workshops

Creating a Static Website in a Week: The Crash Course. A 17-page soup to nuts how to build a website, including images, content, planning.

Making Money with Your Website (2-day course):
Affiliate Program Workshop Guide

For Distance Learning Students

Application Analysis:
Evaluating Website Applications using Client Requirements List (sample evaluation report and phase 1 agreement)

We've got an app for that!

Quick Web Apps:
Notepad ++ a powerful code-based program for editing html files

Bluefish is another good code editor. Available here for Windows
And for the MAC, Version 2.2.1 should run on OSX 10.5 and 10.6 and OSX Lion 10.7 after downloading it... open and drag the bluefish icon onto Applications.

IrfanView -a very fast, small, compact and innovative graphic viewer for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.
FileZilla to put your files up on the server.

Top Reference Link:
HTML Tutorials

HTML Color Chart

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