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CV: Myra Anson Nicholas


905 Lincoln Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22046
cell: (703) 402-9065


Results-driven. Intensively creative and relentlessly seeking improvement. 30 plus years graphic design, marketing and PR, (online and print). Strong DM writing, B to B promotion. Teaching, mentoring and project management experience. Considered a team player, with the ability to pitch in where needed. Early adaptor (specifically IT), Html coding from 1995. Monitor all developments related to visual communications.

Strategic planning, production management, all aspects of promoting a client's mission becomes integrated. Developed marketing and fulfillment programs and lead generation. Teamed on product development, directing internal processes, and strategic planning for growth...with an emphasis on today's economic climate.

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Anson-Bowles & Assoc, Falls Church, VA     1979 - 1993, 1998-Present

Principal, Launched in 1979, this unique marketing and graphics venture developed an early affinity marketing science and technology companies, business-to-business services and technology nonprofit benefits. Using a unique mixed media delivery and strategic campaign plan, AB mixes print, email and online promotions, social networking sites, viral marketing, collaborative event sponsorships and "fusion" marketing initiatives.

Project manager, planner, writer, designer, consultant, 'creative director' and lead designer. Graphics, marketing strategies, direct response, affinity programs, public-private partnerships, workshops and event staging all have contributed to a current list of clients reaching back to the 1980's. Mentoring and training are key components when consulting with client companies. Task development, software installation and training are integrated into most projects. A successful consulting relationship always includes technical and strategic support.

Currently teaching web design, computer graphics and database courses at Stratford University and Columbia College as part of their IT department's curriculum. Also teach computer and web skills at LortonArts, and am often called on for one-on-one Custom Training. Have developed a proposal to update the curriculum to meet the needs of today's employers.

Serve as 'creative director' and lead designer for clients in software and web development. In the nonprofit and education area; served as webmaster and developed educational programs for targeted seminars with The Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA), developed new web initiatives for the Northern Virginia Workforce Investment Board (NVWIB). For corporate clients; provide graphic services for software developers, seminar instructors, cell, satellite, and VOIP providers. Writer for specialty magazines, ad-hoc marketing consultant for local businesses, facilitator for promotional planning, packaging products and services for specific buyers, "productizing" services.

Northern Virginia Technology Council -1998 to 1999 - Creative Director/webmaster/senior designerů continued on a consulting basis.
Brought in as consultant for graphic triage, asked to take over responsibility for entire visual communications output. Web maintenance, publications, event promotion, membership packages, committee and lobbying materials.

Anson-Bowles & Associates - between 1997 and 1998 Consultant for companies needing specific skills:
EEI Communications as creative director/project manager.
Technology Business as Marketing Director
Tech Capital as Marketing Consultant
Guthy-Renker Corporation as a branding and package designer

Washington Technology/Tech News -1996 to 1997 - Marketing Director (retained for consulting)
As Marketing Director was responsible for the concept development, copy writing, design and production of marketing collateral for Washington Technology, a biweekly industry publication plus all event promotion, annual publications, trade shows, and all marketing-related activities.

ASA(a division of A&T) -1995 to 1996 - Art Director & Group Manager
Managed graphics department and staff of 4, while coordinating with programmers, and instructional designers to produce deliverables for civilian and defense agencies.

National Alliance of Business -1993 to 1995 -Product & Marketing Coordinator (followed by contract work 1998-2001)
Essential part of marketing, publications, and communications department.

Tab Books division of The McGraw-Hill Companies- 1991 to 1996 - Consulting Designer

DataTrends Publications, Inc. -1992 to 1993 - Production Coordinator (retained for ad hoc consulting after leaving position)

Anson-Bowles & Associates -1979 to 1992 - Principal
A full-service graphic design and marketing venture specializing in high quality publications, brochures and ads. Managed staff of 2. Coordinated projects with vendors and freelancers, worked directly with clients. Transitioned from mainframe and standalone code-based typesetting systems to desktop publishing, educating clients, and consulting with those companies who went in-house. Purchased equipment, hired staff did marketing, billing, et. al. Client list oriented towards high-tech companies and associations. Retained clients on a consulting basis when health care benefits needed to be expanded.

Positions prior to October 1979: Art Director, Boat Owners Association; Production Artist, Bureau of National Affairs. Many other, less relevant projects


Although not a software program, coding for SEO is a key strategy for all the web work done. Editing text for punch and creating extensive photoshop montages are just of few of the elements necessary to add to the final product's effectiveness. Landing pages, social networking and e-alerts enhance traditional marketing strategies, bring comprehensive management to complex tasks that are not available with single software applications.

Conversant with most web site development applications (like Dreamweaver) hand-coding HTML page construction, javascript, CSS (and browser compatibility issues), some database-driven web applications (Cold Fusion, ASP, PhP). Editing Flash, database scripts. Experience creating simple shopping carts, editing cart elements and other e-commerce database apps. Quark X-Press (Mac and Windows), Adobe Photoshop (Mac and Windows), as well as the rest of their Creative Suite, Corel Draw! Presentation and chart/graph production (Smart Draw, Corel Flow). Most Word Perfect and word basics. Microsoft Office products (excel, powerpoint) . Groupware (group hub) development, hosted database and form processing resources. More, just ask... Cross-platform compatible. Creating design documents and selecting applications for complex sites with multiple interactive requirements. Experience with Internet/Web navigation & accessibility requirements, database and legacy issues.


With over 18 commercial kits successfully launched, the need for innovative kit design aimed at teens and adults has been proven. The goal is to create kits that satisfy these requirements:
Materials are of good quality, nice enough for gift giving.
Designs are unique, creating items that are informal and fun.
Instructions that are forgiving, allowing for errors and substitutions.
Suggestions for creative alterations and extra materials encourage more fun.

More kits are being designed to satisfy the changing market. Those that encourage parent/child interaction, become party entertainment, or an occasion to bring friends together are being designed. Custom kit requests are always welcome, and offering a significant discount for small groups by combining materials encourage creativity. There's a whole new group of altered artists looking for the unexpected. After the popular CD Handbag kit, larger projects with an effort to use recycled items will be out soon. With the debut of a complete packaged working marionette kit, which can be assembled in hours, the bar has been raised a bit higher.


Any material that can be glued, sewn, or nailed is fair game. While working on a BFA in Commercial Art; forming metal, lapidary skills and exhibit design became electives. The whole field of materials science became an obsession. The commercial graphics work soon opened doors for innovative design solutions. Seeking out new materials and vehicles (such as electronic/internet based delivery) and combining them with traditional products has become a hallmark that Anson-Bowles has proudly displayed.

A reputation for creative solutions and unique results led to It became a resource for mixed media artists. NJP has successfully penetrated the market niche and carries everything from polymer clay components, vintage hardware and jewelry to fractal papers, charms, wire and chain shipping to almost every corner of the globe.


Virginia Commonwealth University, BFA, Communication, Arts & Design, 1976
Newsletter Association seminars on marketing, 1993-94; DMAW seminars, 1993, 95; Seminars on Corel Draw! 4&5, 1994-95; Advanced Quark, and Photoshop seminars, 1994-95; Professional seminars on multimedia, marketing, pre-press troubleshooting, direct mail, scanning and trapping, and "future of the industry" speculations, 1993-94; Exhibit and Trade Show Marketing seminar, 1995-96. Various web development seminars 1996-98, Guerilla Marketing seminar 1998-99. Many webinars, online tutorials, seminars relating to new technologies, marketing and writing are considered a regular part of the monthly schedule.


There are gaps in this resume. I have juggled my work while caring for family members and recently, coping with their loss.

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