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Graphics, marketing, editorial content and revenue development strategies for print, web and other digital media.

Remember, success means more work!

About Us

...these Benefits, Features, and Our Educational Focus!

You benefit by our:

  • Deadline-driven production: we honor our commitments
  • Task-oriented teaming: need help getting it done?
  • Direct client contact: Access to all project personnel
  • Project assessment: Where to begin, and what it will take
  • ROI analysis: We develop new revenue streams
  • Collaborative Project Planning: Marketing group events
  • Customer Profile Approach: Deliver your message effectively
  • Complete project sourcing: we do it all!

Marketing Analysis: it's all about your approach, and what you communicate to your customers. Get the basics!

Our services feature:

  • Concept and Creative
  • Writing/Editing
  • Design and Production
  • Print, Web & Other Media
  • Channel Marketing Development
  • Revenue Development Strategies
  • Message Consistency throughout all Media

Increase your ROI, jumpstart your lead generation. It all starts here!

Our 30+ years with graphics - pre-and post computers:

  • Elements of graphic design: programs, formats, quality
  • Careers in graphic design: What skills/software you'll need most for the jobs available in a wide variety of fields
  • Graphic Design Basics: Vector and Bitmap Files
  • Photo editing/layering and special effects
  • Graphic Design Concepts: layout and typography
  • Design Inspiration: Elements and Resources to launch a project

OMG, I just had a few weeks using a graphics program and i'm hooked! Yes, we know. Many of my IT students want to learn it all!

Our ability to assess and convey smart solutions:

  • Client Management for Technology Projects
  • Communicating concepts with techs and non techs
  • User Interface Concepts/Human Factors
  • Attribution Errors and Focus: Understanding Common Behavior Quirks
  • Configuration Basics: What most programs/apps need to know
  • Skillset Update for the Workplace
  • Updating a CMS or static website
  • Business or Website Planning: Goals to Strategy

The "big picture" of today's workplace: Skills rarely taught, but always needed. Get the tools for success!

Business summary.  • Capabilities that match your business needs.
Familiarity with your business' issues.  • A portfolio of some of our work.
Web Design/Development Instruction  • Contact us and tell us your needs

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