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Instruction Covering All Facets of Web Design and Development...

A web developer/design since 1995 and an instructor in this Curriculum since 2003, Myra Nicholas has urged that universities offering web-related courses keep current with technologies and skills that employers request. Below Myra' introduces one route to create workers with skills for the current integrated working environment.

Careers in the “web” field have changed dramatically over the past 10-15 years. Websites are no longer created by individual “designers”, they have become a collaboration between business development, marketing, IT database specialists and contractors hired for specialty services such as SEO and social media strategy. Websites are now a vital part of any business’ marketing plan. In the current economic climate, many offices have cut back on their hiring, often requiring their “web person” understand how to perform vital functions without any introduction. Read the Entire Summary

Necessary approaches: teach a unique mix of skills and give an overall understanding of how the disciplines fit together will give you a student who is job ready when their degree is earned. Students not only learn the technology in demand now, but how to keep their skills up to date. A cross discipline approach gives students the business, marketing and management perspective required for today’s web professional. (please review Myra's "teaching resume")

Currently interested in developing the following initiatives:

A web development working group that will:

  • Identify what skills we need to develop for today's job market and as a group, develop them .Complete creative services for web and print,.
  • Explore the history of businesses' use of the web and the role of computer graphics. Discussing how businesses are using websites then and now may identify new areas of study
  • Learn the basics of content management systems, address needed skills such as customizing CMS' and how these jobs are marketed.
  • Become a resource for small businesses that want a web presence help them lay the groundwork for getting online.

Partnering with a training company, school or computer sales/repair company that will :

  • Help computer users whose computer use dates back to about 2003 learn some of the essential fundamentals that have never been taught in formal classes
  • Educate new computer users on proper business use of email.
  • Help those with a limited technical background become more effective and efficient at using their computer. Heading towards a "power user"..
  • Become a resource for small businesses that want a web presence help them lay the groundwork for getting online.
  • Create and teach a short 3-day "Crash Course" in building a website that will give small business owners a web presence, the software and knowledge to edit and add to their website.

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