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Graphics, marketing, editorial content and revenue development strategies for print, web and other digital media.

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The Prime Ingredients
That Make Our Team Work

  • Head Diva: Myra Anson Nicholas
  • She Who Finds Core Meaning: Shari Altman of Altman Dedicated Direct
  • Queen of Search Engine Strategy: Kathryn McGeehan

  • We will miss H.T. (nick) Nicholas, the guru of servers and code, he was taken from us April 10, 2007

Myra Anson Nicholas

Diva title earned over 25 years with her graphic design experience - traditional to computer graphics, desktop publishing (shudder-remember when layout and design was the term?) to multimedia and internet (yes Virginia, there was an internet before the web. And computer graphics, too!!)

Print and electronic publishing - design, production and coding. Direct response/mail and promotional writing, design, and production management. Marketing and fulfillment programs, strategic planning, lead generation/direct response, product development, problem-solving processes, and improving existing marketing programs. Email:

Shari Altman

Read about Shari Altman, a longtime team partner and good friend. Goddess of Direct Reponse. Email:

Resume for Myra Anson Nicholas


Business summary.  • Capabilities that match your business needs.
Familiarity with your business' issues.  • A portfolio of some of our work.
Myra Anson Nicholas Resumes: Graphics and Web Resume  •   Teaching Resume  •   Graphics and Mixed Media Resume
Web Design/Development Learning Groups   •   Step by Step Website-Planning & Building

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