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Graphics, marketing, editorial content and revenue development strategies for print, web and other digital media.

Remember, success means more work!

About Us

Refine your goals, expand your revenue sources...
 • get more from current customers
 •  develop your marketing strategy across all media
 • expand your client base with innovative solutions and niche marketing

... In a nutshell, prove you have the solution they need.

And our job? Give you the tools to promote what you do best, to those who want it, with graphics that grab, words that compel, and delivery that gets attention.

We help you:
Get more out of your resources
Discover untapped markets
Develop strategies that integrate available technology with goals and tasks.

No, it's not about software or new products... You learn concepts that produce results! You get the best of our hybrid approach...(click here).

Where the Action is Right Now

If you've taken one of my classes or workshops, jump over to the Student Resources Section to find the tutorials, software links and tips mentioned. I've been so busy teaching, troubleshooting web isues that this site has been ignored.

Yes, i've almost finished my exhaustive Content Management System Tutorial "set" (at 65 pages now!). Starting with required server software, linking up the database for an install, through strategy, CMS file types and how they work together, and then tips for choosing plugins that will play nice together. I just wrote a security module... wordpress now has some malware and i've got recommendations for a good setup. I will be working on a mentor/tutorial/support system i can handle. But i'm concentrating on documenting the CMS elements NOT easily found, some nowhere to be found so the written part will be available for download soon. Free overview and excerpts, detailed tutorials by "section" priced at starving artist/student rates.

BIG NEWS!! Will be teaching a CMS intro/best practices at a University in Northern VA beginning of 2014, (first time i've seen it taught at any school!!) Proposal and lesson plan are top priority.

Static websites, deconstructed:

Our Step by Step Guide walks you through the website design and development process as most did up to about 3 years ago. As a general overview it is still quite valid. But the landsape has changed. We talk strategy, analysis, niche markets, and more.

Business summary.  • Capabilities that match your business needs.
Familiarity with your business' issues.  • A portfolio of some of our work.

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